Saturday, January 07, 2006

Looking for a girl

Would you like to hook up with me? I'm quite available. I'm looking for a girl
  • Who wants to get married and have kids someday.
  • Who appreciates mathematics and logic, and if I'm really lucky, computer programming and linguistics.
  • Who is interested in learning about technology or is already a geek.
  • Who wants to make the world a better place.
Here's some information about me:
  • I decided to become a naturist (yeah, not a naturalist) three years ago. Now I'm 25.
  • I'm studying 4th year Computer Engineering.
  • I have been programming since I was ten.
  • I like to sing. People tell me I have a good voice. I would like to learn to play an instrument, but can't yet.
  • I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (a Mormon).
I am interested in several causes, including
  • Fighting poverty
  • Electoral reform
  • Major and minor reforms to copyright law
  • Banning software patents
  • Eliminating language barriers in the world by taking steps that will lead to the eventual adoption of an easy and useful universal second language, also known as an international auxilliary language (IAL)
I really want to find people in my area (Calgary, Alberta). I'd like to make friends of any gender, too. If you're interested, contact me at


Blondie said...

What's the difference between a naturist and a naturalist?

Qwertie said...

A naturalist studies nature, I think; a naturist is a nudist.

Anonymous said...

Why not just identify as a nudist?