Thursday, January 05, 2006

I Just Joined the EFF

With my $65 donation (low, I know, but forgive me, I'm a student) I would've liked to become a card-carrying member, but apparently they don't offer membership cards. Which, my friends, is the Electronic Frontier Foundation's only shortcoming. I've never seen the EFF support any cause that I didn't. As well as supporting freedom of speech and civil liberties, the EFF is at the forefront of advocacy of all digital freedoms:
  • the right to record and copy,
  • the right to write software without the threat of lawsuits,
  • the right to be anonymous and speak freely online, and
  • the right to invent, give, and sell technologies that facilitate these freedoms.
The EFF defends the rights of the individual at a time where big business dominates government policy decisions. Current causes include: I may not get a card, but my donation was enough for an EFF T-shirt, which I will wear proudly.

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